Around the World in Embroidery

Pieces from our Collection made outside of the United Kingdom.

Runner, 20th century

Chalice veil, 18th century

Chasuble, 1670-1710

Fichu, Circa 1730-1760

Mola, 20th century

Pillow, Circa 1900-1930

Picture, Joni Zhou, Circa 2000-2020

Burse panel, 17th century-18th century

Fragment, 16th century

Jacket, 1860s-1870s

Blouse, 1950s

Sash, 19th century

Panel, Probably 18th century

Shawl, Mid 19th century

Dress, 20th century

Border, Late 16th century

Slippers, Circa 1920s

Letter case, Circa 1840-1860

Panel, 19th century

Handkerchief, Early 20th century

Shirt (camisa), 20th century

Roundel, 7th-8th century

Collar, Late 19th century

Panel, Late 19th century-early 20th century