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Date made

20th century

Place made


A pink silk tunic or dress, likely made in the 20th century in Pakistan, with gold and silver embroidered borders and motifs.

Content description

A fuchsia pink silk dress, full length with short sleeves. This dress is probably from Pakistan and very likely dates to the 20th century. The top half of the garment is in good condition but the bottom is badly deteriorated at the front and in patches on the back, likely from water damage. It is covered in a repeating stylised flower motif.

The simple neckline and front opening are bordered with a wide panel of zardozi work incorporating leaves and flowers in gold and silver wrapped threads. The insides of the flower heads are rendered using rows of bright check or bullion, in silver and gold colours. They are outlined in pearl purl. The insides of the flowers are filled with gold sequins and also bright check. The border of the neckline itself has been outlined by what appears to be gold plate, with a row of pearl purl on either side. Both the sleeves and the hem have a wide floral border. The entire main body of the dress has evenly spaced floral motifs that are made of pearl purl, sequins, and gold and silver bright check. The original garment was unlined. Conservation work has added a linen support lining to the whole garment as well as conservation net over the damaged areas.

It is difficult to identify what type of garment this is. Though it shares similarities to the kameez, kurti, and pheran, it is none of these.


width: 80cm
length: 130cm





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