Miniature Design Card

Object name


Date made

Early 20th Century


Pencil sketch showing three variations of corner designs

Content description

Pencil sketch showing three different designs intended for use on the corner of a piece of fabric. Could possibly be used for tablecloths, napkins, or handkerchiefs or similar. Each of the Designs has been given a name. The top is described as 'Iris' and shows a floral motif, with a large central flower with four buds and leaves, two to each side of the central flower. The middle design is described as 'Filigree Pomegranate' and shows a stylised central pomegranate motif, with a more elaborate filigree surround. The bottom design is described as 'Octopus' though it does not represent the cephalopod. The design has a central leaf-like motif with curled lines surrounding it.

This design is part of the RSN's collection of miniature design cards. These were sent out to clients who could then choose their preferred design and commission it from the RSN. The card includes the printed request that it be sent back and not kept more than 'ONE CLEAR DAY'.



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