Miniature Design Card


Design worked by Mary Queen of Scots and her Ladies

Object name


Date made

Early 20th Century


Pencil sketch design showing plants and birds, card description suggests it is based on a design worked by Mary Queen of Scots

Content description

The design is drawn in pencil on card. It is likely intended for a a bed spread or curtain, or something on a large scale. Although not specified on the card, the design is likely intended to be worked in Crewelwork stitches. The design covers the whole area of the card and shows trailing vines/branches with stylised leaves, flowers and grapes. Some small area of the design seem to show acorns and oak leaves, and in the centre, strawberries. Throughout the design there are 6 birds shown, again in a stylised design.

Across the top of the design card written in black ink is 'Design worked by Mary Queen of Scots & her ladies'. It is not clear why this design has been attributed to Mary Queen of Scots, as it is unlikely that Mary Queen of Scots worked a design similar to this.

The card shows clear signs of having been folded repeatedly along different lines, this is indicative that it would have been sent out on various occasions to be used by customers of the RSAN. It is part of the RSN's collection of miniature design cards. These were sent out to clients who could then choose their preferred design and commission it from the RSN. Multiple pin holes across the top edge also suggest it was pinned to a notice board many times - these are not holes that show 'prick and pounce' method of design transfer.


width: 15.3cm
height: 24.4cm



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