Slipper Design

Object name


Date made

Second half 20th century


Pattern of a slipper showing a design of playing cards on the toe and score cards with pencil on the sides.

Content description

The design is drawn on white paper in black pen ink and shows the outline of a round-toed slipper pattern with a playing card-themed design. The toe of the slipper shows a fan of four cards in the traditional picture card designs; the Jack of Spades, the Queen of Spades, the King of Spades, and the Ace of Spades. On each side of the pattern that would form the heel of the slipper is a traditional scorecard with a tassel and pencil shown as being attached to the score card with a string or cord. The scorecard images mirror each other. On the right hand scorecard, several revisions of the design have been made, likely in order to get the designs to match as closely as possible.

According to Hoyle's of Oxford, the cards most closely resemble the Universal deck from circa 1975 published by Waddingtons as poker cards, possibly giving this design an approximate date.


width: 35cm
height: 47.5cm



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