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Whitework sampler done by Kathleen Barnard at the Royal School of Needlework in 1932.

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This whitework sampler was worked by Kathleen Barnard while a student at the Royal School of Needlework's Training School in 1932. It uses a number of drawn and pulled thread whitework techniques and surface stitches to depict several flowers and a butterfly. These are surrounded by a drawn and pulled border with four corners, which is completed with a hemmed edge. Each side of the border is unique.

The main motif features four stylised flowers surrounded with leaves, the far left flower resembling a carnation and the third right resembling a rose. The stems of the flowers are rendered using trailing while the flower heads use a balance of surface stitches and drawn and pulled stitches, largely outlined using trailing of varying sizes. These include raised satin stitch, wrapped bars, and woven bars, which feature on the carnation. A small butterfly features on the right of the motif. Its head is rendered in French knots and its wings feature a burden stitch filling and cushion stitches with eyelets, as well as drawn work in the form of woven bars. The back end of its body is worked in satin stitch. The interiors of the leaves and petals are worked in stitches including woven bars, wrapped bars, and diagonal cross filling. The borders also include these stitches as well as hem stitch and overcast hem stitch.

This sampler, with its four different border patterns and floral arrangement, is typical of the whitework samplers made by students at the RSN Training School during this period.


width: 45cm
height: 38cm





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