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Commemorative 1897 printed silk handkerchief celebrating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

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This silk handkerchief is a commemorative souvenir from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years of her reign in 1897. Such handkerchiefs could be printed cheaply using a lithographic process and so similar memento handkerchiefs can be found in public and private collections.

The handkerchief includes a hem stitch (drawn thread) border five centimetres from the edge, framing the designs printed in ink. The corners contain Queen Victoria's royal cypher and the dates of her reign at the time of her Diamond Jubilee (1837-1897). The space between the corners outside of the hem stitch are printed with six-part harmony music and lyrics for 'God Save the Queen'. The centre section contains printed images in each corner of the faces of Queen Victoria, Edward VII (Victoria's eldest son and successor), George V (Victoria's grandson and Edward VII's successor), and a young Edward VIII (Victoria's great-grandson and George V's successor).


width: 46.5cm
height: 49cm





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Gift of Neville Bass and James Stitt, 2003.

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RSN 1572
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