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Circa 1830-1880


Circa 1830-1880 whitework embroidered collar, completed but not cut out.

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Circa 1830-1880 whitework collar embroidered with a floral design in white cotton thread on white cotton muslin. The collar include pulled work in reversed faggot stitch and ladder stitch (pulled thread). Surface stitches include chain stitch, stem stitch, and French knots. The stitch around the border of the reversed faggot stitched leaves is dot stitch, which is the same stitch that surrounds some of the smaller leaves.

The collar, which was likely the work of a domestic stitcher, was likely intended to be symmetrical but has ended up uneven. This is possibly why it was not been cut out and used. In the 19th century, whitework collars were detachable, expanding a woman's sartorial options at a time when most did not have a large selection of dresses.


width: 55cm
height: 49cm





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RSN 260
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