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Circa 1860-1880


Square panel of Berlin wool work depicting a floral arrangement enclosed in geometric beading. Stitched in the late 19th century.

Content description

This square panel of Berlin wool work of the late 19th century depicts a vibrant floral wreath of roses, rosebuds, fuchsias, and forget-me-nots enclosed by a beadwork border in a Greek key or meander pattern. The flowers, worked in cross stitches in tones of green, blue, red, purple, and gold, are on a cross stitched background of peach wool threads. Most of the panel is worked in wool threads, with silk threads being used for small details throughout. Small gold beads have been used to embellish the centres of the forget-me-nots and fuchsias. The panel has been backed with modern-day canvas.

It is not clear whether this panel was intended to be simply a picture or whether it was originally meant to be turned into a cushion or stool cover. It was certainly worked by someone in the home, likely a woman.


width: 41cm
height: 41cm





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RSN 389
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